Promo Builder
Our powerful PromoBuilder allows for the creation of volume based discounts and promotional codes to help drive traffic and increase sales. The two main types of Promos you can build are the Discount Off Promo and the Buy X Get Y Free Promo.

Included Shipping Discounts: Watch how to create a Free/Included Shipping Promo.
Club Member Discounts: Watch how to create a Club Member Promo.
General Information: Read up on the first step of creating a Promo.
Products on Promo: Learn how to add products to your Promo.
Discount Section: Customize the advanced filters.
Promo Categories: Learn about setting up Promo Categories.
Promo Order Type: Learn about linking a Promo to specific order types.
Promo Shipping Type: Learn about limiting a promo to specific shipping types.
Coupling Promos: Learn more about how promos can be setup to work together through coupling.